Why High Piled Books?

Aside from it being a reference to my second favourite Keats poem (my favourite being ‘On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer’ for any Keats enthusiasts out there), it literally refers to this huge pile of books I have to get through.

Due to time constraints, recently I haven’t had the opportunity to read as much as I’d like to, yet have continued to buy more, and more, and more books – resulting in a Jenga tower I now have to find a way to get through. It’s a mixture of books I thought looked interesting on the shelf, ones I’ve been meaning to read for years, and books I have already begun reading but have not yet managed to finish due to the aforementioned time constraints.

Therefore this blog is here to act as motivation.

You’re welcome to join me on my journey, I’ll be posting the odd review* and any book-related news or facts that happen to tickle my fancy. I welcome any suggestions of books you have enjoyed (though it may take me a while to get to them!)

* These will not be the latest releases, most of these books have been out a while (give or take a few hundred years in some cases). It will just be my own personal take on the book.  (Also, reviews may be EXTREMELY rare, I usually think I can’t have much to add to others commentary!)


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