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2019 – A proper go at it … again

So I didn't do as great of a job as I'd have hoped in 2018. I seemed to peter out in May although I have so many half-finished drafts of reviews where I just failed to figure out an eloquent way to express my thoughts and the impressions left by the books I'd read. My… Continue reading 2019 – A proper go at it … again

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Henry Tilney – An Underrated Hero

So my Jane Austen journey is nearly over. As you may have guessed from the title, I have just completed Northanger Abbey which leaves only Mansfield Park left to read. As you may have also guessed from the title, I rather enjoyed this book's male protagonist. From what I can gather, Henry Tilney is not… Continue reading Henry Tilney – An Underrated Hero

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Update: Eleanor Oliphant Is…American?

I have just found out that the film/TV rights to Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine have been bought up by Reese Witherspoon's production company. Whilst I am a fan of Reese Witherspoon (I loved what she did with Big Little Lies and her Instagram is just lovely - plus, she's Elle Woods!) it doesn't prevent… Continue reading Update: Eleanor Oliphant Is…American?

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Rarely have I connected so quickly with or so desperately wanted happiness for someone as I did with Eleanor Oliphant. Despite her odd manner and the many funny (laugh out loud whilst reading on the bus funny) interactions she has with people around her, it was easy see through the odd quirks and behaviours to… Continue reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


A life in books…

We all have those books that create lasting impressions. Whether they inspired a love of a particular author or genre, or simply came at an important time in your life, there will always be some tomes that hold a special place in your heart. I thought I would list some of mine: Alices' Adventures in… Continue reading A life in books…


2018 – A proper go at it

Each year I make a list of attainable resolutions. Waste less (money, food, materials), drink more water, read more, walk more, don't eat out at work, text people back promptly... I generally keep to these and manage to improve my habits year after year. However, I also set myself unrealistic goals like 'write a book'… Continue reading 2018 – A proper go at it


Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood

November seems to have been the month of Shakespeare retellings in my reading list. Whilst reading Ian McEwan's 'Nutshell' (a retelling of Hamlet from the POV of a foetus) I have also been listening to Hag-Seed, Margaret Atwood's imaginative retelling of the Tempest. I decided to jump in with little-to-no knowledge of the story other… Continue reading Hag-Seed by Margaret Atwood